Evaluation of new generic top-level domains (nTLDs)

.com, .net, .org, .info, .xyz, .online and all others
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Evaluation of new generic top-level domains (nTLDs)

Postby Floki » Fri 12. May 2023, 20:41

About 10 years ago, 2013 ICANN deployed the first nTLDs in Web2.

Some of them have been very successful. Which ones have met expectations?

1. First choice are generic terms that fits well in combination with the top-level-domain after the dot like http://service.chat, http://pay.express or http://cash.delivery.

It is very important that the words before AND after the dot match well to each other.
Then even not well-known extensions could sell for high prices, because internet users know already that something different than 'com' could appear after the dot.
Another important criteria is the sequence of the used words. E.g. http://shop.cam has a slightly different meaning than http://cam.shop . The first is suitable for the search of cameras or a price comparison portal, the second fits to a specialized shop that sells cameras.
Not seldom two keywords reduce the value of a domain if lined up in the opposite direction, because the original meaning gets lost.

2. Due to its aggressive marketing campaign and combat prices, .xyz is the most successful nTLD in terms of registered domains and sales volumes. The latter is successful mainly because https://swetha.xyz/ regularly achieves high sales prices. Swetha Yenugula from India sells by far the most .xyz domains and completely dominates the .xyz market.

3. Many companies are willing to use top-level-domains that obviously make sense and fits to their business model like .online, .app, .shop, .store, .club or .site.

4. Even if the pure registration numbers are not that strong, high demand exist for brandable company names with dedicated endings like .finance, .solutions and .group that can be included into the company description itself.

A company that is using both sides of the dot for its name looks even more professional than in combination with a .com.
E.g. the domain http://infinity.group makes a better impression than http://infinitygroup.com , because the latter is too long to read it comfortably.

5. The IANA root database includes about 1,500 TLDs. These have a strong incalculable risk and registration numbers have a high volatility due to its yearly renewal fees. Many customers let them drop after some years, because the original useidea does not justify the continuation of further monetary investments.


Considering the advantage of a specific domain name, new top-level-domains make absolutely sense and could be much better than the most famous options as .com, .net and .org.
This applies most to commercially usable or quality keywords before and after the dot.
If you own a domain with good keywords left and right of the dot that have a high demand, it will be a valuable asset.
Internet traffic can be generated with a new top-level-domain just as good as with a .com.
On the other hand, only very few top-level-domains have the potential to reach mainstream, because they missed the most important, new technical development and do not offer the range of functions like Web3 domains.
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